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Roller conveyor system

Roller conveyor system

PLC driven roller type transfer systems. On demand with built-in translator equipment, laser distance measurement and industrial surveillance system with even barcode labelling and identifying system

  • Tube diameter and length is according to the product
  • The length of the roller system machine is depends on the costumer’s request
  • Rollers are made of: PVC, steel, aluminium, or stainless steel
  • Fully automated system with laser distance meter and specific shorter solution
  • Bar code system can be added to our machine

Thanks to the wide range of roller types this system can adept any product, whether it is a few gramm heavy and narrow or it is a huge and weights several tonns, this system will be a very effective solution.

The rollers can suit different kind of materials becouse of the coatings or the heat threatments. Hardened steel can be choosen for tough materials and the PVC coating for sensitive products.

All the rollers can equip with electric motors (with chain or belt drive), so there is no need for a slope path.

The roller conveyor system can be manufactured even without any driven motors (freewheels) and the gravity would move the goods.

The height of the machine is adjustable due to the articulated feet.

There are many ways we can automate theese type of machine, with PLC drive and barcode system identiying the product can be delivered through several machine and several path including a complete logistical distribution hall.