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Robot programming

Robot programming

The industrial robot cells is the symbol of the modern day production technology and automatisation.

With industrial robot cells almost every kind of task is possible

It will refound the investment with a very high, reliable and flowless productivity,

It can work special envoirement where human labor is not possible.

The humaniod type of robots has the biggest work area compared to their sizes,

Accuracy of theese type of robots are better than 0,1 mm

Maximum movable weight is 1500 kgs

Owing to the kinematic system with a high digree of freedom, the system is flexible to the changing products. Many type of products can be handled with a wide range of motion type.

Robot programozás

We deal with offline and online programming of new robotcells, setting up sensors and actuators and training all of them around the EU.

We are working with the following companies product:

fanuc robot


mitsubishi robot


abb robot


motoman robot