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Manual machining station

Manual machining station

Muli-staged autmatic, manually feeded, multi purpose processing machine

  • Any kind of process is possible: cold-forming, cutting, assembling
  • The device is accoring to the product shape, avoiding the improper loading
  • Can be used in food industry: complete product filling station (Disinfection – filling – marking / labelling – vacuuming)
  • Tool wear correction can be applied to the machine on request
  • Manual checker can be added to the system
  • The system has an ergonomic shape and it is accoring to the process to accelerate the working speed
  • At the process the quality controll is automatic, on request the product can be separate automatically
  • In order to protect the operator the product imput can be restricted by a shelf, a window, or with a safety light curtain formation

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Manual machining station is built to solve the problem of big series, low cost per manufactured/machined product where the end product is constant. In case of a few model variants, the seat can be exchanged.

Several type of task can be solved at the same time integrated in one machine. (High performance density)

The manual machining station is more sensitive to the changed product process like a CNC machine but the cycle time of one product is much more lower. There are some special tasks which can only integrate in a machining station, for example measureing function

Depending on the complexity of the task, the product manipulation can be solved by moving roundtable, pneumatic cylinders or with robot arms too.

Installing this type of machine in the production, the cost and time requremens of manufacturing every product can decrease.

Our machine is always installed with sensors to increase the workplace’s safety.

In case of failure there is a advanced diagnostics which helps to explore and solve the source of it. The screen is capable to show the exact place of the failure.

On costumer’s request the machine can observe whether the incoming and outgoing product meets the requested regulations. (for exapmple checking, distance and force measuring with surveillance systems). Statistic can be made from theese datas.

The goal is to work with this type of machine fast, safe and as much comfortably as possible

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