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Manual checker

Manual checker

Investigation of finished and semi-finished products based on any criteria

  • Remove the waste
  • Isolation of the repairable and non-repairable products
  • Distinction of the different types of productkezi checker1 470
  • Measuring and data collection even for any type of PC
  • Engraving or label printig the goods depending on the result of the inspection

The manual checker is an operator required machine which inspects the product for different criteria.

Ideal for 0% waste required manufacturing environment.

The parameters of the inspection can be costumizable.

The supervision of the manual checker machine can be done with Poke-Yoke theorem.


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The waste can be fully isolated making it impossible to reach by the operator. It means that the human failure can be completly exclude from the system.

This type of machine can be integrated into a highly automated system with another checking and product feeder system, so the monotonous human work can be avoided





Possible type of inspection criterias:

  • Measure/size determinating
  • Weight/force measuring
  • Shape, surface quality and material defects recognising (with industrial surveillance system)
  • Bore and thread presence checking
  • Color recognising
  • Electrical observationing, for example resistance measuring
  • Presure measuring
  • Flow measuring