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Conveyor belt system

Conveyor belt system

PLC driven conveyor belt machine which always allign to the product requirements.

  • Hundreds type of choosable coated belt even rough or glidants coating
  • Waste recognition camera system
  • Pneumatic waste selection and product motion control
  • Laser distance measurement (for the accurate position)
  • Loader robot cell unit
  • Even for hazardous waste conveying is possible without risking any human life

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One of the best conveying medium for sensitive products.

The belt’s material is usually poliuretane, pvc or poliamid but the surface allways can allign to the product requirement (can be rough or soft and built with flaps).

Not just the material but the machine length and width is always according to the product size.

The conveyor belts are used in a wide range of industry. For example this type of handling technology is very common in logistic distribution centers, in packing and food industry.

Theese conveyor track can be installed with product surveillance system which recognises the waste and segregates from the other with a pneumatic cylinder.

On request we can build a product organiser system which makes all the product stand in the same direction to evenly put them into a bigger pack.

The automated level of the whole system can be raised with a robotic arm unit at the end of the machine to convey the product to another phase.

With an optical sensor the product can stop in a tenth of a millimeter precisely before the next task so there is no need to correct the whole system becouse of the wear inaccurancy.

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