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About US

Our company BG Automatika deals with full implementation of unique machine building which includes whole engineering design, assembling, electric wiring, automation with PLC systems and serving with robotic cells

machine building

We make whole machine plans, produce all the parts, assemble all the components, wire all the cords on site and we make all the requested software before the setup to satisfy all your company’s need and get a “ready-to-use” machine! Please check some sample machine what we are capable of:



If you have some problem with automation or you just want to optimize your current system please check our following services:



Our goal is not just implementing an idea but together by sharing our former technical experience making a new, better costruction. Besides of theese we are paying attention to the hidden needs aswell. The most important thing for BG Automatika is to make a continous communication with the costu,er in every phase of the machine building or programming procedure. After the business agreement we always make several meetings in aspect of avoiding every emerging technical and economical issues during the machine production to fully meet the costumer’s requirement at the end.

“We are not just selling a machine we are offering you the best solution”

If you decide to choose our company we will make your machine more profitable with automation and your investment will return shorty!

There is a non-negligible point of view of our policy: It is the DDD (dangerous, dusty, dull) workplace replacement from human work to automated machine labour to make the workplace’s envoironment more humane

If you are planning to change your current workplace from manual to automated you will acquire the following benefits:

  • Growing productivity
  • Produce safety (predictable scrap)
  • Product unit cost decreasing


If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us from the following contacts.


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